For your comfort we offer to make payment by bank card or via PayPal account. If you select this form of payment, you can make the payment immediately and receive

A payment by bank card is only possible if the bank your card has been issued from participates in the program of safe online shopping (MasterCard, SecureCode of Verified by Visa). After entry of card data You may be forwarded to your internet bank for entry of safety code, necessary to verify Your personal data. If the payment is not verified, please contact your bank you received the card from or select another payment method.

Each garment we have created together with you is unique; therefore the return is not possible, except situations the product is defective. However we do hope there won’t be any as each product is created by ourselves paying attention to each detail for it to be best quality.


Occurrences the return policy applies to unique product:

  • If it was damaged during delivery due to external circumstances
  • The size of clothing does not match the order
  • There is a manufacturing defect

If the product is defective, it must be returned within 10 business days from the day of delivery. If such situation has occurred, please contact us to agree on return options of the product by writing to or call +371 29208463 The product you are intended to return must be placed back into the original packing and sent back by previously agreed way of delivery in order for it to be the most convenient way for customer.

If the customer wants the money to be returned for a defective product, we return the money within 5 business days by transferring it to the bank account indicated by the customer or we create a new dress, bag or T-shirt.

The right of withdrawal cannot be used upon distance transaction when purchasing products that are custom-made or clearly personalized. The right of withdrawal operates when the item is defective.

All information related to personal data and necessary for the purchase of goods will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Law and will be used exclusively for the purchase of goods.

The seller is aware of and will comply with all security measures related to the transfer of card data and the data of the buyer’s card will not be stored. The security measures will be taken to prevent card data from falling into the hands of third parties/unauthorized persons.

Polyester fabric products can be washed in a washing machine at temperatures up to 40 ° C. It is recommended to use a washing powder suitable for synthetic products.

It is desirable to refrain from drying in the tumble dryer, as it can create bursts of fabric that cannot be ironed out later.

We recommend to iron a slightly damp clothing, steam may be used as well and the recommended temperature is around 150 ° C.

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